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Use Ikea Spice Racks For Shelving

If you’re struggling to find storage space in your kitchen, you might want to consider spice racks to create shelves instead of traditional jars. You can find one that fits your cabinet’s layout and space requirements.

Some can be wall-mounted while others are freestanding. Others are designed to fit in drawers. Whatever choice you make, these hacks will make your spices easier to reach and keep them tidy and clutter-free.

They’re a great wall shelf option

Ikea spice racks can be used as wall shelves when you have a small cabinet. Many of these racks are designed to fit standard size containers, allowing you to store a variety of spices and oils in one storage unit.

You can choose from a variety of spice racks, which include freestanding tiers, pedestal-style models as well as built-in options. Find one that complements the decor of your kitchen and keep all your favourite ingredients within easy reach.

If you’re looking for a small budget-friendly alternative or something with a little more flair, there’s an Ikea spice rack that’s perfect for you. The racks can be used to display spice containers on your counter or in the pantry.

The BEKVAM spice rack from IKEA features two keyholes which allow you to hang it from a wall. The rack is made of a birch wood finish which can be stained or sanded according to your preferences.

This three-tier rack holds various sizes of containers, and is ideal to hang on the wall or inside the door of your pantry. It’s narrow enough to hold small jars of baking spices and seasonings, but it’s also big enough to hold larger bulky spice bottles.

This vertical spice organizer from IKEA is a great alternative for organizing spices on the wall. This organizer from IKEA features adjustable separators that are non-slip and will keep your spices in order. The drawers can be pulled out for easy access. You can even put the lids on top of the jars to make it easier to organize.

If you’re dealing with limited cabinet space, a wall-mounted spice rack is the best way to free up space and organize your spices. They’re simple to put up, and are available in a variety of styles.

Aside from storage of spice jars, these racks can also be used to display small plants or house decor items. They can be hung on a wall with S-hooks, and they’re a great addition to any office or living space.

PLUGGIS containers are a great storage option for those who have a lot of small items. These containers are a great alternative to traditional shelves and can be used in small spaces , such as dorm rooms. Use a couple of Velcro strips to secure them to the inside of your cabinets , or on the outside of a wall for quick and easy storage.

They are easy to install

A spice rack from IKEA is a great way to add storage space to your home. They’re inexpensive, easy to set up and can be used for a variety of reasons. If you’re a DIYer you can also build these shelves to create a unique design that suits your tastes.

A pull-out rack can be a great option if your kitchen is cluttered with food items. These shelves rotate, making it easy to locate your favorites without having to search through the entire cabinet. They’re made out of heavy-duty steel and designed to provide a long-term solution to keeping your favorite seasonings organized.

A drawer is a great way to organize your spices. This simple design works well in modern kitchens but it is also a great idea in other areas of the house. You can alter the design with the soft foam liner using the kitchen’s basic scissors.

Spray painting your IKEA furniture in a vibrant, complementary color is among the most well-known IKEA hacks. You can also paint them a color that is compatible with your child’s nursery or bedroom. These shelves can be used as jewelry holders if you have numerous accessories.

You can also turn your spice rack into a bookshelf. This is an excellent idea for nursery or children’s rooms as they can reach their books with ease. Additionally, they look cool when they’re standing up.

It can be used to store all the toys that your child has in his room. They can also be organized by size or type. This is a great method to keep them in order and help you save time when it comes to finding a toy.

Hooks for your spice rack bar will aid in storing any other small items in your kitchen that you require easy access to, for instance your sunglasses and gloves. You can also arrange them on the bar and hang everything from kitchen tools to produce and shopping bags to keep it easily accessible.

They’re affordable

Spice racks are an affordable option for kitchen shelving. You can find the right size and price to fit your space. A metal or wooden spice rack can accommodate heavier items and is more robust.

If you have a small kitchen or pantry or pantry, an Ikea spice rack is the perfect way to free up your cupboard space. It’s also a great option to store your spices and other kitchen essentials in a neat and easily visible way.

A spice rack is a great option for those who are always trying to find ways to organize their home. If you live in a small home or a large family the spice rack can aid in staying organized and save time by making it easier to find your most-used items whenever you require them.

The spice rack can be placed inside a pantry door or put up on a wall. Some models include spice containers that are useful if you have different brands of spices to buy.

A tiered spice rack is another popular option, with three tiers designed to securely hold jars of various sizes and make them easier to see and reach. The tiers are non-skid for added security, and come in sizes of 10 inches or 15 inches to match the size of your cabinets.

Tiered racks are great for organizing spices and adding personality to your kitchen. The tiers can be customized to match the color of your kitchen scheme, and you can choose from multiple designs.

The best spice racks provide plenty of storage space and are also easy to clean. They are a cost-effective method of organizing your kitchen’s most frequently used items and are a great addition to any kitchen or pantry.

These shelves aren’t only useful in the kitchen, but they can also be used to store craft materials and fancy dress station materials. IKEA’s BEKVAM rack is a popular option due to its versatility. It can be used as a jewelry storage rack or a bathroom storage option.

They’re versatile

Whether you need to store small items or a few larger ones, Ikea spice racks are the perfect way to keep your space organized. They are simple to put together and cost-effective to purchase.I’ve got something I want to give you. You might have considered the conductivity of the parts while making your designs. It is possible to imagine screws and nails however, magnets are the better option.

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They are a popular DIY project. You can paint them in a lovely color to showcase your work. However, there are plenty of other ways to use them around your home. From making them into baby nursery shelving to making them into office organizers, we’ve collected 11 of the most effective ways to transform your IKEA spice rack into something practical and attractive.

A spice rack with an adjustable shelf divider is an excellent method of organizing your spices. It can accommodate a variety of sizes of containers. This makes it easy to find the jar that you want and is also safer for your herbs than a bare shelf, which is why it’s a great option for those with small children or who is concerned about the safety of their ingredients.

You can even get a spice rack with slide-out drawers. They are ideal to store bottles are only used occasionally. This makes it a lot easier to reach the containers you require in the middle of a recipe.

Another great hack is to use two spice racks to make shelves for books in your bedroom for your child. This idea from her Happy Home is especially sweet because it uses pastel colors to create a fun effect.

For more ideas, take a look at these other suggestions on how to make use of the spice rack as shelving:

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution to add storage space to your bathroom, consider this simple DIY from Mom’s Gonna Snap. You only need scrap wood along with a few screws and some twine to create this super functional shelving solution that keeps your shampoos, towels soaps, and other items neat and tidy.

These DIYs may not be as versatile as some of the other ideas however they are an easy and simple way to add storage to your home. You’ll need only a few basic tools and a keen eye to create unique shelving options.

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